Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Showroom // Brisbane

Some exciting things have been going on around here lately...

Just last week, Catherine from The Spring Shop (featured in a previous post) asked me to be a part of her new launch, Showroom Brisbane. She, as well as fellow retailer from the Boundary Street Markets, Caroline of Wilde, have begun this venture as a means to bring local designers and creatives together to meet and showcase their work. The shop itself will not open officially until May 1st, however yesterday I had the privilege to shoot and take part in Showroom's first ever workshop, a flowercrown tutorial. It was a beautiful Tuesday morning on Paddington's highstreet, spent over tea, cakes, and of course, many, many flowers. Here's just a taste of our day.

I am looking forward to what lies in the future for Catherine, Caroline and all of us at Showroom. Until next time!