Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Spring Shop // A New Adventure

On Wednesday, I had the privilege of working with Catherine from The Spring Shop. The shop sells predominantly home, craft and food styling nicknacks and doodads, ranging from light bulbs and wooden crates, to KINFOLK magazines and letter writing sets. Catherine and I met up for tea just over three weeks ago, and discovered mutual interests in basically everything. I asked her if there was a job I could take up at the shop, and as it has been a year since she first began it, Catherine asked if I would help update The Spring Shop look book. I'm not afraid to admit that after setting up a few shots and becoming increasingly disappointed and discouraged by the results, I began to wonder if I was completely out of my depth. However, all it took was a bit of natural light by taking everything outside and both she and I became more and more impressed with the end products. I truly had a wonderful afternoon, and cannot wait to be back again at the little studio, snapping away while the lovely Catherine sets her ineffable sense of style to good work.

This beautiful Falcon Enamelware can be found up on The Spring Shop online store.

I've found so much inspiration over the past couple of months in styling, and reveled in the opportunity to put all that I had seen and learned into practice.


Isn't this skillet divine? Watch this space, a post on the making of a certain skillet cake may be coming soon...


I am so grateful to be able to pursue my dream and career so early. Catherine, I haven't had so much fun in one afternoon in a long while, so thank you very much. Until next time.

LOVE | Anwyn


  1. Oh, you didn't!! This is all types of wonderful. xx

  2. Beautiful Annie, just amazing..

  3. I would never come up with photos like these, but they're so perfect to me. Can't wait to do it all over again! C

  4. Go you! These photos are just beautiful, Annie. Xx