Sunday, 2 March 2014

The Woods

The Woods by Daughter on Grooveshark

Some of you may have been wondering the meaning of Tiny Sylvan.

tiny sylvan
noun: sylvan; adjective: silvan
  1. a little person dwelling in the woods; woodsman.
    "a tiny sylvan revels in a glade"
    • someone of short proportions who finds comfort in pleasantly rural or pastoral surroundings.
      "attracted by sylvan charm"
In short, I am the tiny sylvan. A coppice of bottle greens, dark browns and soft greys provides me with a sense of contented joy, an opulence of the desire to discover and to explore. Unknown birds call to one another above my head, and the song combined with the rush of wind in the trees and the trickle of a brook somewhere makes me feel as though I am experiencing soul food through my ears. A path is made to guide, but the woods off the beaten track seem to whisper "come away, come and find us." It's a call I find hard to resist, and often don't. And why not? What are a few bites for the sake of discovery? Or grazed knees in the face of adventure?

When you are next in a woods, close your eyes and listen, and perhaps you'll hear it, like the whispers of children and the soft blow of a pipe "come away, come and find us."

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