Monday, 31 March 2014


When I think of what I am, I often find parallels between myself and a post-modern artwork: I make very little sense, sometimes I look completely ridiculous but I’m worth a lot because of who made me, and sometimes have something profound to say. I am quiet and I am loud, I am quick but not always smart, I am strong when I trust the One who made me so and weak when I do not. I love wholeheartedly. I am brave because I have practiced being so. I fail at trying to comfort people but I can make them laugh and that’s almost the same thing. Hotels make me uncomfortable but I’ll live in the bush on berries and roots. I am a secret keeper, a life lover, a music maker, a bear hugger, a coffee drinker, a wanderluster and a God seeker.

I am Anwyn.


P.S Picture by Lara Anastasia ||


  1. Indeed you are, dear friend!

  2. You are made of good things. xx

  3. And that's exactly the way I love it- wouldn't have it any other way. x